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Mystic Mentors

Devi & Luna are committed
to helping you free your spirit
and step into the life you deserve!

Learn how to
Tap into your

Be guided by the wisdom of spirit through Tarot, Oracle Card Readings, guided manifestations, and the power of women united to create change.

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Transform Your Life Starting Today

Our world is in crisis, yet we hold the information in our souls to heal ourselves, our relationships, and our planet. We are energy beings having a physical experience. What we used to call Magic is being understood now on a quantum level.

Join me, Devi Sol Drake, and Luna Wylde as we explore the magic, the mysticism, the science, and the reality of this amazing planet as we come together to heal the feminine energy that has for thousands of years been oppressed by men of weakness in positions of power. If you have been harmed by patriarchy, religion, or society, you have a safe place here.